Naked mom

Why not show skin when you're older? Why hide sagging, spots or wrinkles? Why cover up and be ashamed? Why applaud a world that only values youth and beauty? What tale to enslave yourself to to fight against the passage of time? Doesn't beauty consist in showing ourselves as we are, in accepting ourselves and knowing ourselves as unique? Wouldn't it be wiser to admire our elders?

I consider my mother a beautiful woman. I never tire of repeating it. And her beauty lies in her bravery, her courage, her wisdom, her tenacity, her strength and her energy. I always emphasize it. I am also fascinated by his gaze, intense and direct; his smile, pure light; and her skin, soft and luminous. When we choose outfits for Thursdays with Mom, we usually discuss between the three of us what clothes she will wear that week. And there are usually different points of view, one focuses on one's own style, another on the look that will cause the most impact and another on what is most appropriate for one's age.

“That dress is too low-cut for Mom,” says Vane.

- AND? Mom has a beautiful cleavage. Where is the problem? -, I ask.

– Very low-cut? It doesn't seem like it to me - says my mother.

- Ay! I do not know. Do what you want, I'm just giving my opinion - adds my sister.

Finally, mom and I opt for the low-cut dress and mom comes out looking gorgeous. And finally, Vane also admits that the dress looks great on her and that it was a success.

When I'm on the other side of the camera, I don't think that I'm taking a photo of an 81-year-old woman showing her cleavage. I think about the light, the framing, the composition and the posture that my mother has to use so that both she and the styling look as incredible as possible. Exactly the same as if the model were my daughter, who is 19.

Years ago, someone suggested in the store that it is not advisable for an older woman to be a model for a fashion store because she could lose younger customers. “How is a girl going to want to buy the dress that an old woman is wearing?” That phrase stuck with me and made me angry.

Since April 2019, when Thursdays with Mom was born, precisely with the clear purpose of giving value to older women and claiming their position in the world of fashion, the section has been growing gradually and Mom has become the main claim of The old Iriarte. I don't really know why. Perhaps, because in it we all see our mothers, because it is shown as it is, because we tell what happens behind the camera as it is, without filters, because style and good taste are not incompatible with age and because it is Of course, years are one thing and spirit is another. And this one may be younger at 80 than at 20.

And it's proven: girls do want to buy what mom wears.

In 2015 I came up with a campaign to promote our bags and shoes. The slogan was “The old Iriarte, the accessories that dress the most” and the image (taken by the fabulous photographer Nacho Vela) featured me, naked (or not), sitting on a stool, at the bar of the Prida bar, with a big bag covering part of my body and wearing heels. It is a striking and beautiful photo, with spectacular light, of which I have fond memories. And, precisely remembering it, it occurred to me that it would be great to repeat the concept by changing the setting and the model. Search for that same beauty and that light in another skin, a mature and beautiful skin, a skin that should not be hidden because it is our map and our travel diary; and in another woman, very different from me and the one I love the most.

I talked to mom first. I looked up the image on Facebook and asked:

-Would you dare to do something like that?

Mom looked at the photo. Then he looked at me.

- You are already? Are you looking for a twist on everything again? Aren't you going a little overboard?

– No, mom. Think about it for a few minutes. You have beautiful skin, I'm tired of telling you. And, in some way, I would love for you to take a photo like this to put an end to prejudices, to show your body without shame and claim that just because we are older we do not have to hide or hide our skin, that we can be pretty and attractive regardless. any age. How many clients ask us for long-sleeved dresses to cover the sagging skin on their arms? And how many tell us that they don't want to show their knees? You avoid clothes that show your tummy, right? And how many people ask for sweaters or shirts? Long and loose “because they are no longer old.”

- Yes you're right.

– I understand that we all look for what we feel most comfortable and favored with. Me, the first. But there is also an important part of prejudice, that at a certain age you cannot wear this or that thing because it looks ugly, because it is not socially accepted. You are already a few years old and, of course, it is no longer “adequate”. You have never been like this. You are proud of your body, you are flirtatious, you like to show off and you have always dared with everything. Do you dare with this? - I argued.

- Well yes. Seen this way you are absolutely right and yes, I dare.

"Are you sure?" I insisted.

“Totally,” she stated emphatically.

With Vane, the argument was tougher. At first, it didn't seem like a good idea and, although he went through the hoop, he didn't have it all together. Even now, when I am writing this and it will be published, there is some reluctance. Fear of what they will say, of doing something wrong, of not being attractive?

The same thing, I am sure, will happen between you and you, when you see these images. Debate will be created, there will be controversy. Is it nice or not nice to show so much skin of an older woman in a photograph? As long as this debate continues, bad. The prejudices will still be there. You see, among ourselves, there have been discrepancies.

We entrusted the work to Ángela Cislán, a friend and great photographer, and we chose a quiet place that gave play (due to space and light) to do the session. Enrique Pinín, painter and sculptor, gave us his studio. A stool, a gray wall and a large bag (a hunting green leather tote bag from the Mellow collection by Mandarina Duck) were the only elements that appear in the image so that nothing takes away from mom's prominence. As soon as the model took off her bathrobe and looked at the camera, the magic began. Ángela could not believe the professionalism and photogenicity of Mommy and I, simply and for once, I experienced it all as a spectator, enjoying that unique and wonderful moment that I will remember as long as I live.

It was fast. I didn't want mom to get cold (even though it was hot as hell) and she, as usual, didn't fail. In ten shots, we had the job.

Already relaxed, chatting casually, with the session over, Ángela took this photo of us. There we are, the essence of Thursdays with Mom, the protagonist and the architect. You can't imagine how lucky I feel to work hand in hand with my mother every week, the unforgettable moments she is giving us, the opportunities we have to get to know each other better and the certainty that it is very beautiful to admire the people you love. and I, my mother, have absolutely captivated me. There is no braver woman. And more beautiful. Good Thursday!