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This website is not a normal website. It is completely made by us, from the typography, colors, photos, locations and texts. We are the models of most of the images and we take photos with our phones, of each other. As simple or as complicated, depending on how you look at it. It is hard work, it takes time, work and imagination, but we do it with all the love in the world and we have a lot of fun. We star in our photos because we are real women, there is no trick or cardboard. We don't use filters, we don't retouch the photos, we don't even put on makeup (it doesn't suit our style). We are 51, 55 and 83 years old and the youngest, Lu, is 21. In this campaign, Carlota, a beautiful woman whom we saw growing up, has also joined our photo sessions. It brings light, beauty and many ideas. We want you to go through this page like someone who goes shopping for a walk, like we did with our parents when we were children. The page is organized by brands, not by items, and is designed for enjoyment. If you like something, below we explain how to buy. And now, enjoy!


La Fée Maraboutee
Rino & Pelle
Bato Dungarees


Sun 68
Pons Quintana
Juncal Aguirre


Bonne Maison
Maitane Bilbao


Mandarin Duck

Online sales from you to you

We sell any item you like on our website and we send it to you wherever you want, but we do not have a shopping cart or payment gateway. We are a family business and our strength is the treatment, care and closeness with the client. Call us or send us a WhatsApp. Tell us what you want and we will send you more photos and information about the product: price, quality, sizes, options... We will get to know you and our exchange will not be so cold. We will make a nice package and you can pay it by Bizum or transfer. We already talked about it on the phone. Online sales yes, but with proximity and from you to you.

Call us or send us a WhatsApp to:
627373280 (Sandra)
661963553 (Vanessa)
That easy.

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Yoly yo
Yoly yo
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Quiero que sepas que ya las estrené! Para qué esperar, no? Gracias por tu dedicación y amabilidad. Tienes un local con un género muy especial y puesto con mucho gusto.
María Alvarez
María Alvarez
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Ropa cómoda, ponible y favorecedora con la que ir bien vestida. Un toque diferente apto para todas las edades. Personal amable y buen asesoramiento.
Mari Luz Hevia Fernandez
Mari Luz Hevia Fernandez
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De los mejores establecimientos de Oviedo,tanto en calidad como atención. OLE por vosotras
Jerry Muts
Jerry Muts
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Una familia muy amable y ropa elegante y de calidad. 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
Luis Angel Martin Valle
Luis Angel Martin Valle
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Parada fija en su escaparate en los paseos por el Fontan