Women. And period

A alliance of women of two provinces, Asturias and León, linked to the land, guardians of the traditions and transmitters of the doing of their families has made it possible for us today to present you a collection of spot really special. Six unique models: a pea coat, a jacket, two long sweaters and two short ones. There are no more sizes. There are no more colors. Garments that speak of life in the countryside, of moving slowly, of love for nature, of the teachings that our ancestors transmit to us, of the value of things made with the hands, of unity and effort and the happiness of create something new and have another person acquire it and give it life.

The threads of these sweaters whisper all that. Pure love. Each one has a story to the point, with a beginning and without an end, because a handmade wool garment is worn, lived, enjoyed and left as an inheritance. It goes from one skin to another, warming and hugging. It doesn't even die, because the merino wool with which they have been woven, being 100% natural fiber, is ecological and biodegradable.

The history of this collection begins in the Val de San Lorenzo, a town in León near Astorga where in the 18th century there were already more than 80 cloth manufacturers active. Industrialization, in the 19th century, put an end to all these artisan businesses, which had to reinvent themselves. This is how José Cordero Geijo launched the first loom in the town and began to weave merino wool blankets to protect her countrymen from the cold Leonese winter. The year was 1858 and the famous Maragata blankets were born. Today is Noelia, our first link in this chain of women, a descendant of José, who has spun the wool for the jackets and sweaters that we present to you today from his workshop, Santiago Geijo, Textile Crafts (@artesaniatextilsantiagogeijo), which was previously from their parents, who learned the trade from their grandparents.

The wool What a joke Noelia is 100% merino, a fine, fluffy wool that is not itchy, breathable, regulates temperature, repels odors, keeps you warm, does not wrinkle, does not produce static electricity and is biodegradable.

That's the wool he uses Rosa (@qbo27), who as a child wore the jackets that her mother knitted for her, or that she inherited from her sister, and that she now creates, inspired by nature, the objects she loves and her memories. The second woman of this powerful alliance is the architect of our six wonders. Likes hand knit, as her mother taught her, and she lets herself be carried away by the texture and colors of the strands that her needles shape to create a new design. It could be a shawl, like the ones your grandmother wore, or a jacket in homage to the mine and the person who chopped the coal, so present in your childhood. Or a sweater that is forest or another that is leaf. Or the one that recreates the texture and weight of inherited blankets.

Alba (@provatosheep) She also learned to weave in León. And he also did it hand in hand with his mother. Now she not only spins, designs and weaves but also grows and collects flowers in the garden of his farm to make natural dyes. Two of the garments that make up this collection have been dyed by this artisan for whom walnut shell, madder, cochineal, eucalyptus, muergo or indigo have no secrets. It also happens that, on this occasion, Alba has not dyed the wool before being woven, but rather the garments once made, with the difficulty that this entails due to their handling and weight. She is our third woman in the alliance and the one who has made it possible for these jackets and sweaters to reach us, since we are united by a friendship of years and a strong and powerful bond.

And about us, what are we going to tell you? You already know us. Vanessa and Sandra. Third generation of women of a family at the head of The old Iriarte, a store about to turn 60 years old, located in the historic center of Oviedo, where we take care, above all, of treating our clients closely and the quality of our suppliers. That's why we're happy to bring you these raw gems. Garments that have history, that have been made one by one, with love and by hand, by women and for women, who maintain tradition and respect nature and the life cycle. An artisan collection of which we are proud and we offer you from the heart. To give away or to give you. To enjoy and leave as an inheritance. To appreciate the value of what is done over low heat and to last.

For six women who, upon acquiring them, will maintain this alliance.

Each garment has its name. They are the Coal jacket, black as coal and a tribute to the people of the mine, and the jersey of the same name, due to its same color; the Muergo jacket, dyed by Alba with misergos fermented for a year; The Jersey Thousand Flowers, also with natural dyes obtained with several of the flowers that live in the artisan's garden and that have resulted in a beautiful mustard tone; he Moss sweater, inspired by the weight and texture of the blankets inherited from Rosa's grandparents; and the Blooming jersey, a strong fuchsia that reminds us that nature does not do without colors.

Prices range between 240 and 280 euros. Tomorrow we will upload the entire collection to this website with the description of each garment and its exact amount.

We couldn't present this collection without proper staging. To do this we had the invaluable help of Pedro Dominguez Carazo, who located a stable for us (thanks to Rubén and Nerea for lending us their facilities and to Thor for gathering the cattle and posing in some images), taking us to beautiful places around Pola. de Siero and took the photos (follow him on @studiof2.0photo). I never fail to emphasize that I have some fabulous friends who are always willing to lend a hand. What a fortune for me.

I wonder what name the women who complete the cycle of this alliance will have. Those who will value the history and work of each stitch and who will want to wear one of these sweaters. Will it be yours?